A new colonialism in southern Africa, that of the ANC PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 11 September 2010 13:19

ANC: A New Colonialism

Colonialism is the domain of a nation or a regime, on the territories and peoples outside its right. The ANC has no rights on the Boer nation and black nations that it put under its single regime. For that the ANC’s regime is a colonialist and imperialist regime.
The plan promoted by some of its leaders, notably Julius Malema - leader of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) - hidden behind slogans like “land reform”, “nationalization of the land”, “land redistribution”, is nothing else that a new capitalist-communist colonial policy, aimed to expropriating, disruption, looting and deportation the Boer nation.
The ANC can not redistribute, hold, sell and destroy what belongs to other nations.
“Where there is land for settlement, let’s get that land for our people to settle,” said Julius Malema recently. A colonial mentality, reminiscent that of Jewish State in Palestine.
The land of the Boer nation is not free and isn’t open to new settlements.
The colonialist policy of the ANC’s imperialist regime is instrumental to the genocide of the Boer nation.