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Sunday, 12 September 2010 09:10

The following news is taken from South African Uncensored News, update of 11th September 2010.


Thousands of black pupils attack Afrikaans schools


Scioperanti in Sudafrica[…]
Parys, Free State – September 10 2010 - Hundreds of black schoolchildren from the Tumahole township school in Parys went on riot today and started marching towards the so-named “Parys High school old model C school”- the Afrikaans-language high school for Afrikaans-speaking pupils (of all races).
Initially the crowd started at around 300 people but rapidly grew to 3,000, including many armed adults and members of the ANC-alligned COSAS [Congress of South African Students, ed] student movement.
The local SAPS [South African Police Service, ed] stopped the marchers on the way and drove them back with rubber bullets and pepperspray. Seventy-three protestors were “arrested’ and released again just down the road.
The 3,000 protesting Tumahole township pupils demanded that before sitting their exams, they first want an extra 25% points added to their examination results.
A total of 19 schools were attacked by strikers and the pupils’ examinations were interrupted across the entire Free State said health department spokesman Howard Ndaba.
In Senekal several thousand pupils from three black schools aggressively trampled down the fence of the Paul Erasmus Afrikaans school, said head Jacques Bradford.
The Afrikaans pupils were also threatened with violence if they didn’t stay away from school next week.