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Wednesday, 15 September 2010 13:40

Boer hero – We salute you

Commandant Daniël (Danie) Johannes Stephanus Theron (1872 – 1900) was a chief scout during the Second War of Liberation.

Commandant Daniël (Danie) Johannes Stephanus TheronCommandant Daniël (Danie) Johannes Stephanus Theron

Theron, the scout.

Born 9 May 1872 in Tulbagh, in the Cape. He later moved to the Transvaal where he qualify himself as a lawyer and opened his legal practice in Krugersdorp.

His love and passion for his country and people soon surfaced.

The editor of the Johannesburg  newspaper, The Star – W.F. Moneypenny,  in his hatred towards the Boer people, published a discriminating article about Boer woman. This upset the Boer nation but Moneypenny refused to make a correction to his article. The lawyer, Danie Theron, drove out to the office of Moneypenny and gave him a hiding. For this he was prosecuted and found guilty. His fellow Boer people got the money together to pay his fine.

With the start of the English War in 1899, Danie Theron at 27 y.o. joint the corps of Gen. De Wet as a scout and after several battles, he was appointed as Captain of the Theron Verkennerkorps (TVK [Theron Scout Corps, ed.]). This was after he crawled on his hands and knees for kilometres to brake out through the encirclement of the English in order to give information/suggestion to Gen. Cronje from Gen. De Wet how to escape by the English at Perdeberg. Cronje would not listen to the advise. Eventually on 27 February 1900, 19 years after the battle of Majuba during the First War of Liberation, Cronje handed down to Lord Roberts. This discouraged a lot of Boer people.

General Cronje

He had to crawl back on his hands and knees again for kilometres pass a significant number of English guard posts. All in one night. There was no skin left on his hands and knees.

There is also a instance where apparently while the English were having a function for their officers at Bethlehem. Theron and his officers infiltrated the functions and were enjoying food and drink before being spotted!

Commandant Danie Theron was trapped by an English convoy on 5 September 1900 at Elandsfontein and took them on by himself. He was killed by a piece of English Shrapnel. He was 28 years old.

According to an English source, it sounded like a small battle that day. They thought that he had a few people with him.

This Boer hero was laid to rest on the farm of the parents of his fiancé, Hannie Neethling.

Several military institutions were named to this Boer hero.

On 6 March 2002, the president of the New South Africa, Mr. Nelson Mandela, had only positive and nice things to say about Danie Theron while he opened a new monument in honour of him. On the particular day he spoke mainly Afrikaans.

This year, 5 September 2010, it was 110 years since the death of this celebrated Boer hero. We salute him. Sweet is the struggle for the warrior.


Drawn up by Piet Rudolph
on behalf of the Action Committee, Orde Boerevolk
07 September 2010