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Monday, 20 September 2010 20:46

Vows of the Boer nation

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The ‘Volks’(peoples’)-meeting of the Geloftevolk in 2009 appointed a Theocracy committee to do research on a Theocratic political system for the Geloftevolk. This report is the feedback to the ‘Volks’-meeting of 2010.

The report starts with a short account of the history of the Geloftevolk, where the determining hand of our heavenly Father can be clearly seen. With the covenant of Blood River, the ‘volk’ undertakes, among other things, to erect a house to the glory of His Name. Here we find it necessary to remind our ‘volk’ of the holy Name of our heavenly Father. We stress that all Theologians and preachers who studied Hebrew, are probably aware that His Name, as He announced in Ex 3:15, is YHWH in the original Hebrew. This is also indicated in the ‘Statenbijbel’ and in the ‘Bybel met verklarende aantekeninge’. The fact that it is not indicated in the 1933/53 Afrikaans Bible, caused our ‘volk’ to forget this holy Name. It is, however, very important that we should know His Name, as is indicated in Ps 91:14 and many other verses. For a more detailed explanation with textual references, please read the report.

Also, the erection of a house to the glory of His Name means more than just the erection of a church building or a Voortrekker monument. It does indeed mean that we must erect a nation to the glory of His Name. Moreover, it is a Biblical command that our whole life should be a living sacrifice to Him (Rom 12:1) We deduct from this that we should erect a God-obedient ‘volks’-government where it can truly be said that God rules.

Theocracy indeed means ‘God rules’. We contrast it with democracy which grants the government to the people.

In the report we investigated the question whether God’s Law is abolished because His Son fulfilled it. The answer is clear that we will still obey His Laws if we love Him (I John 5:3). The report gives many more textual references which confirms this position. When we refer to the Law of God, we do not only mean the Old Testament’s Laws, but all the instructions of the whole Bible. Also we understand that the principle of the Law must be applied, and not necessarily the literal wording as was applicable at the time of Israel.

Then we took note of the Theocracies in history and saw that it paints a grave picture of apostasy where man repeatedly devise his own man-made religion and then commits atrocities in the name of religion. We came to the conclusion that a sustainable Theocracy is not humanly possible. Conversely, we have the promises of God, that the things which are impossible with men are possible with God (Luke 18:27).

The report then continues with guidelines for a Constitution for Gelofteland. Here the Ten Commandments and our Messiah’s explanation of that is the foundation. The purpose of the state is primarily to glorify our Father in gratitude of the redemption by Jesus Christ/ JaHoshua Mashiach (in Hebrew).

We are all aware that our prayers are heard by our Father, and that we should approach His throne humbly and with a clean heart and a right spirit. He also prescribes that we ask His guidance is everything. What we did not realize, is that He also prescribes that His decision be asked by casting lots (Ex 28:30; Lev 8:8; Num 27:21; Deut 33:8; I Sam 19:21; 22:10-15; 28:6; I Chron 24:31; Ezra 2:63; Neh 7:65; Prov 16:33; Acts 1:26).

Subsequently the report deals with the composition and responsibilities of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities.

Then follows stipulations on:
· Foreign policy: where we clearly state that we allow (and wish for) others the same that we ask for ourselves. We shall not attack anyone, prescribe to anyone, and interfere with anyone’s affairs. We do ask the same treatment.
· Racial policy: where we admit that we, in ourselves are nothing, but according to the ordinances of the Bible and the Law of Nature, we may not mix with other races.
· Foreign visitors;
· Citizenship
· Civil liberties;
· Differentiated responsibilities: where we discuss the role of the state alongside that of other spheres of society;
· Religious freedom and protection and the relationship between church and state. Among other things we state here that all denominations and churches will be tolerated who glorify our Father, the Son and the holy Spirit. Other religions like Islam and Buddha, will be prohibited.
· We also mourn the ruptured religious views of our ‘volk’ and call on our ‘volk’ to pray for mercy to become unanimous. We therefore also propose that a next Theocratic committee is tasked with convening a pilot committee in order to initiate a discussing forum or ‘volks’ concilium to facilitate a discussion among people with divergent Theological points of view. With the objective of unanimity.
· Freedom of speech and the media are discussed as well;
· Different aspects of the economy;
· Agriculture;
· Mining;
· Education;
· Social welfare;
· Health care;
· Marriage and the family: We stress the importance of the mother’s role in the upbringing of children. Measures must be taken to ensure that it is possible for the mother of the home to fulfil her educational responsibility.

Finally we propose that subcommittees of experts and interested persons are appointed to work out the details of the different aspects.