Die Konsentrasiekamp Lied (The song of the concentration camps) - Boer music PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 June 2010 01:33

Song by Boer singers Frans & Cathy Maritz, played regularly on www.boervolkradio.co.za to commemorate the 24 000 Boer children (50% of the Boer Child Population Killed) and 3 000 Boer women who were murdered by the British during the Anglo Boer War. (1899 - 1902) when England laid her hands on the mineral riches of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (Transvaal), under the false pretense of protecting the rights of the foreigners and Cape-Dutch (Afrikaners) who swarmed to the Transvaal gold fields. The Orange Free State also suffered the same fate.

On the battlefield England failed to get the better of the Boers, with 500,000 troops against only 18,000 Boer fighters during the last 18 months of the war, they could only kill 3,000 fighting Boer's, and decided to stoop to a full-scale war against the Boer children.

The British then employed a mass extermination to force the burghers to surrender.

During this war the British suffered their most devastating war ever in their history and were about to loose this war, which would have made them the laughing stock of the world, and then they turned to one of the first genocide programs in modern history, they killed 50% of the Boer's Children.

50% ! ! !

50% of the Boer Child population was killed by the British in the concentration camps, one of the worlds worst mass extermination, and the truth has been hidden for 105 years.

Why? How? Who is to blame ? Should they be prosecuted in the World Court ?

This war was started even though Gen Butler(1899) reported the lies of Alfred Milner and Cecil Rhodes to the British Royal House and Parliament, who is to blame?

With this song we, the Boer's, take a look at the suppression of the Boer Nation for 105 years, and the hidden facts of the Concentration Camps, after the Boer's freedom and sovereignty was taken away by an act of war by the British during 1899-1902. (see article 7 of 1902 treaty)

The only solution for a safe and secure Southern Africa in the future will be the re-instatement of the Boer republics, and the British especially need to heed these words.