Boere-Republikeine, rally Oct. 10, 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 26 September 2010 13:27

Paul Kruger

The Boere-Republikeine organization (in English: Republicans Boers), founded by the Action Committee of the Orde Boerevolk, led by famous Boer patriot Piet Rudolph, the 10 October 2010 organize a gathering to celebrate the birthday of Paul Kruger (1825 - 1904), historical leader of Boer resistance and president of the Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek (literally: “South African Republic”, Boer Republic in the region of the Transvaal).
During the event will be proposed new leaders for the independence struggle, and conferred honorary awards to members, living and dead, of the Orde Boerevolk, for the long commitment to serving the Boer Nation.
The rally will be held at a farm in Kameeldrift West (near Pretoria).