Clive Derby-Lewis: prison and torture, under ANC’s regime PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 27 September 2010 11:53

Clive Derby-Lewis

“Doctors are shocked that prison personnel are openly and shamelessly seeking to damage his health […] Correctional Services was clearly aware of Clive’s condition but neglected and concealed it in the hope that he would die of “natural causes” in jail. It would then have been quite easy to cover up their clandestine and inhumane actions.” These statements are by Marius Coertze, the lawyer of Clive Derby-Lewis.
Clive Derby-Lewis (74 y.o.) is seriously ill, and currently is in a private clinic. In the hospital was be operated for to treat gangrene, but may still amputation of the right leg.
Clive’s lawyer complained that the prison guards of the ANC’s regime have also interfered with medical care in hospital. Clive - a man of 74 years old – was took chained to his bed, despite warnings from doctors that he could develop blood clots.

Clive Derby-Lewis was sentenced to death (the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment once the death penalty was been abolished) for complicity in the murder of Chris Hani, execute in 1993.
Chris Hani wasn’t a pacifist and wasn’t a freedom fighter. He was a Communist who wanted to imprison all nations of southern Africa under a single regime. And for this aim he fought and killed. Until someone killed him.
Janusz Walus, an anti-communist Polish who emigrated in South Africa, the 10th April 1993 shot dead Chris Hani. The gun used had been supplied to him by Clive Derby-Lewis, member of the Konserwatiewe Party (KP, in English: Conservative Party).
The murder of Hani, in the intent of the two, was aimed to stopping the process undertaken by the South African elites, to deliver power to ANC all over the entire region.

While the ex-fighters of the ANC reign over the entire region, those Afrikaners and Boers are still in jail.
Freedom for all Afrikaners and Boers prisoners! Freedom for all freedom fighters!