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Monday, 27 September 2010 16:53


Clive Derby-Lewis

by Marius Coertze - attorney of Clive Derby Lewis.

Clive Derby-Lewis can still not be released from hospital despite the intense/fierce struggle of 6 doctor’s attempts to improve his condition.


Clive has been admitted to hospital on 20 September as a result of an acute condition of gangrene in his right lower leg.

He has been operated on Tuesday 21 September for this condition and dead tissue of 8 cm x 8 cm (almost as big as a man’s fist) has been removed from his leg. Thereafter he has been treated with intravenous antibiotic to try and stop the spreading of the gangrene.

The wound has been left open to drain and the wound covers are replaced regularly to keep the wound sterile.

The leg is still swollen and the antibiotic course has been finished. This is an indication that the fight against gangrene has not been won. Mr Derby–Lewis is on a second and stronger course of antibiotics to try and stop the gangrene infection.

He has however been admitted to hospital in a seriously neglected and abused condition from jail and it is still not sure if his leg can be saved. If the gangrene does not recover soon, his leg will have to be amputated to combat the spreading of the gangrene to the rest of his body.

High Blood pressure

With the clinical examination of Mr Derby-Lewis at his fist admitance to hospital, it seemed that his blood presure was life threatheningly high (172/140). The doctors have given him medication to bring his blood level under control. His blood pressure level, is currently under control , but will most probably become unstable once he returns to jail and the good medical tratment that he is currently receiving, is no longer available.


On admittance to hospital the doctors discovered a spread skin cancer on Clives’s right forehead. The cancer spreads from his hair line on his right temple to his eyebrow and covers an area of approximately 5 cm x 5 cm. The surgeon, Dr Du Rand, informed Clive that skin cancer takes a long time to become this large and that it presented itself over a long period of time (2 years or longer). The cancer is so deep that it bleeds spontaneously. Biopsies indicated that the cancer is an aggressive skin cancer which should be treated immediately.

Further blood tests which was done on Clive, indicate that he might most probably also have prostate cancer.A Urologist will be consulted to confirm the diagnoses.


Dr Du Rand informed Clive that his condition is as result of gross negligence and abuse of Clive. He is of the opinion that any medical practitioner could without any effort made the diagnoses of various illnesses which Clive suffered.

Marius Coertze , Clive’s Attorney , mentioned that Correctional Services were obvoiusly aware of his cronical and acute condition , but probaly kept it silent and neglected it in the hope that Clive will die a so called natural death. The secret and un-human neglect of Clive by Correctional Services could then easily be swept under the carpet.


According to Marius Coertze ,the shocking abuse by the Department of Correctional Services of Clive , a 74 year elderly man, still continues, even at the hospital. During the operation on his leg, the two Prison guards guarding Clive, demanded to be present in the theater next to the operation table, whilst the operation was carried out.

This obstructed the work of the doctors and it was a continued interferance. Only after Marius Coertze, Clive’s Attorney, threatend to have the wardens prosecuted for contempt of the Court, did they agree to wait outside the theater and kept an eye on the operation through a window. The team of doctors objected strongly about the insident in the theater. It hampered the work of the surgeon and doctors involved and it caused a risk of infection and the spread of germs in the theater. As a rule no person other than the theater team is allowed in a theater during surgery.

The wardens chained Clive to his bed. He cannot get up and walk around. It is very important that a patient should do post operative movement to combat bloodclots.

Bloodclots that now could form, can create thromboses in the leg or heart or an embolism in the lungs. To combat this trauma and even death, Clive is now treated with blood thinning medication. This as a result of the attitude of Corrective Services to keep a 74 elderly man chained to his bed.

Docters were schoked that correctional Services personel, unashamedly and openly, whilst Mr Derby Lewis is under medical treatment , try to hamper his health by preventing doctors from treating him and acting contrary to the court order in allowing the medical profession to carry out their work. One of the wardens even prevented Dr Du Rand on 24 September, to examine Clive as he did not recognise the doctor and that he did not know if he was allowed to enter the room.

The latest incident now, is the inhumane attitude of Correctional Services towards Clive , not to allow Mrs Gaye Derby–Lewis, his wife to visit him. She was allowed to visit him once. She visited him yesterday. She is forced every time to wait over an hour for a written permission to before being allowed. A written permission is only valid for one visit of 45 minutes. The next day she must go back to the jail, far away from the hospital, to obtain a new permission to visit Clive. The administration of Pretoria Central is closed for the long weekend and as a result no-one can visit him during this long weekend.

The jail also gave him forms to be completed. According to him it amounts to him personally being responsible for compensating the wardens guarding him. Mr Coertze could not advice him on the legal implications of the form as he was refused to visit him.


Marius Coertze
Attorney of Clive Derby Lewis 24 September 2010.