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Tuesday, 28 September 2010 12:26

The following text was taken from an interview of Thule Italia to


1. Boers, Afrikaners, the White minority, what are the differences?

The Afrikaners are the white Afrikaans-speaking.
The Boers, in addition to be white Afrikaans-speaking, are a nation, they are the biological-spiritual descendants of the Trekboers (semi-nomadic migrants), of the Voortrekkers (pioneers), and of the citizens of free Boer Republics.
When referring to Boer people or to Boer nation, the term “Afrikaners” can be used to identify non- Boers white Afrikaans-speaking.
In recent times, the term “Afrikaner” was used - even by Boer leaders (including Eugene Terre’Blanche) - to identify all Afrikaans-speaking, regardless of race. With regard to the white Afrikaners, Boer nationalist movements (and particularly the AWB, ever since) promote their assimilation, because they are similar, in the Boer nation.
“White minority”, in relation to South Africa, means all whites of any nationality in the territory of southern Africa, which are numerical minority in the total population. The juxtaposition of the term “minority” to a group of people belonging to different nations, in an area chosen arbitrarily, it is absolutely artificial, unfortunately, this definition is often used to try to legitimize an absolutely illegitimate power, that of a system that chain together different nations. And this has happened often in South Africa, first with British imperialism, then with the Afrikaner, British and Jewish domain, and now with the ANC’s regime, supported by international capitalism and communist forces. Different regimes, similar policies, designed to impose certain numbers, making someone “minority”.
The population of the Boer nation is “minority” in southern Africa, as the Italian one is “minority” in the Mediterranean. But no nation is never “minority”, because the borders of a nation are primarily biological-spiritual, because every nation (white or black) has the right to be free and independent from all others.