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Symbol of Vryheidsfront (VF - FF, Freedom Front), founded in the 1994Genesis
The Vryheidsfront Plus (VF+, in English: Freedom Front Plus, FF+), derives from the Vryheidsfront (VF), an Afrikaner (with reference to Afrikaans-speaking whites) political party founded on 4th March 1994 by Gen. Constand Viljoen (former Chief of the overall Defence Force of the RSA), to participate to multinational elections of 27th April 1994, which would force many peoples and many nations of southern Africa in a single capitalist-communist empire, administered by the ANC.
Gen. Constand Viljoen
When Gen. Constand Viljoen founded the Vryheidsfront (VF) to take part in the election of the rising Empire, he was the head of the “directorate” of the generals of the Afrikaner Volksfront (AVF), a coalition that he had helped to create, which it brought together many Afrikaner (with reference to Afrikaans-speaking whites) “nationalist” organizations, the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB; at that time great Boer nationalist movement), and a large number of former generals of the Armed Forces and Police Forces of the RSA, which opposed the creation of a new empire on the whole southern Africa, and demanded independence for the “Afrikaner/Boerevolk” (this was the term predominantly used, and translated as “Afrikaner Boer nation”) on the lands of the Boer Republics (about 16% of the whole territory), to form the “Volkstaat” (literally: the “State of the people-nation”). The main objective of Afrikaner Volksfront was to obtain independence, if possible through negotiations, or with a Boer Unilateral Declaration of Independence in western Transvaal. The independence plan of the AVF intended to defend the independence also by force (in western Transvaal), using members of Army and Police (which should have followed their former generals, and particularly Constand Viljoen) and the men of AWB’s paramilitary forces.

That Gen. Constand Viljoen, head of the directorate of the generals of the AVF (a coalition that he had helped to create, in theory, to free white Afrikaners and Boers, avoiding were incorporated in the new Empire), founded and registered a political party (which gave immediate support many former generals of the RSA, politicians, members of the Armed Forces, intellectuals and businessmen) just to become part of the Empire, in contravention also of the decisions of the Parliament of which he was a member (Volksverteenwoordigende Rand, VVR. The Council of Representatives established by AVF), and of the Government when he was Minister, reveals a clear strategy, aimed to unite Afrikaners and Boers in an independentist front, for to rule it, and then break it and submit it. And so it was. An Afrikaner (with reference to Afrikaans-speaking whites not-Boer) new strategy, to subdue the Boer nation to the Empire. Once to the British one, then to that of RSA, and then to that of Azania.

The departure of Constand Viljoen from the independentist front and his participation to the multinational elections, did to understand very well that police and army would not support the independence plan that was to follow the Boer Unilateral Declaration of Independence. This made immediately withdraw the Konserwatiewe Party (KP), and only the AWB continued with the independentist plan.

The day of the first election of the new Empire, Viljoen and 35 other former generals (31 of the Army of the RSA and 4 of the Police of the RSA) went to vote at the polling station of Voortrekkerhoogte military base in Pretoria (the city that AVF, in late January, had declared the capital of the Volkstaat).
Just at Voortrekkerhoogte, years before, at a meeting of the Afrikaner Broederbond (AB), Viljoen had argued in favour of a single state in southern Africa, which had included all the nations that inhabit it (therefore an empire). The day had arrived.
Today the name of that military base is “Thaba Tshwane”.

Robert van Tonder, leader of the Boerestaat Party, just days before the imperial election of 1994, declared that those who voted for the parliament of the Empire was not a Boer, because the Boers (in blood and spirit) would not have voted for a foreign Empire against their freedom. The difference between an Afrikaans-speaking white and a Boer is also this.

The participation of the Vryheidsfront to multinational elections was instrumental to giving a semblance of legitimacy to an absolutely illegal operation, because no nation can decide for another, imposing its will through the numbers; the right of peoples to self-determination is inviolable. States that submit different nations, depriving them of the right to self-determination by any means (propaganda; vote; war), are nothing more than empires.
Operation “Vryheidsfront” was aimed to demonstrating the involvement of white Afrikaners in the multinational vote.

The Vryheidsfront, entered in multinationals election of 1994 and deluded part of white Afrikaners with the promise that it would get self-determination, with the creation of a certain type of “volkstaat” (intended as independent Afrikaner state not-Boer). The incoming regime gave help and inventing the “Volkstaat Council” (a body under its interim constitution), whose members were chosen from Gen. Viljoen, after his party (the Vryheidsfront, VF) had take part in the multinational elections.
The Volkstaat Council, theoretically, had to investigate how to achieve self-determination for Afrikaners (the Afrikaans-speaking whites - without reference to the Boer nation), so this was constitutionally provided. The facts are clear: in the new constitution of the ANC’s regime, made in the 1996, has no granted any kind of “volkstaat”.

The Vryheidsfront is not a nationalist movement
The Vryheidsfront (now “Vryheidsfront Plus”) has never been a Boer nationalist movement. Its activity has always been aimed to deny the existence of the Boer nation, representing it as part of a larger group, the Afrikaner “nation” (usually based on skin colour and language), which would achieve independence not on the lands of the Boer Republics, but (mostly) on those that were once of the British Empire. This is genocide too. Also this is imperialism, the exact opposite of nationalism. Who propagate a false nationalism (Afrikaner) is not a nationalist.

In the 2001 Gen. Constand Viljoen left the leadership of the Vryheidsfront to Dr. Pieter Mulder.

Pieter Mulder, leader of Vryheidsfront Plus (VF+ - FF+, Freedom Front Plus)Vryheidsfront Plus (VF +)
In the 2003 Vryheidsfront (VF) has incorporated the KP and the Afrikaner Eenheids Beweging (AEB, in English: Afrikaner Unity Movement). The party renamed itself Vryheidsfront Plus (VF+). Federal Alliance also added later.
Symbol of Vryheidsfront Plus (VF + - FF+, Freedom Front Plus)
An Afrikaner movement, organic to Empire
In 2011, the Vryheidsfront Plus (VF +) still propose itself as a political party for Afrikaners (still intended, mainly, as Afrikaans-speaking whites). The term “Afrikaner”, however, as already discussed in this article, gives rise to many ambiguities; it is not identifying any nation (with precise biological-spiritual and historical features), it only mean “African” in Afrikaans language. So with term “Afrikaner” more and more people intend (correctly) all Afrikaans speakers, without race/national distinctions.

The Vryheidsfront Plus (VF +) supports Orania, the little town of white Afrikaners. In an attempt to grab the votes of whites who vote to the elections of the Empire, the VF+ organize periodically protests against laws that discriminate them; against the genocide that exterminate them in southern Africa; as well as initiatives to help the poorest. The VF+ doesn’t speak virtually anymore about self-determination and independence, these topics (after years of propaganda of the new power) are less popular then before and less productive in terms of election. Now the “independentist” propaganda of the white Afrikaners (not-Boers) is managed by others.

After the 2009 elections, Pieter Mulder was appointed by Jacob Zuma (President of the imperial regime and of the ANC) Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
The Vryheidsfront (now “Vryheidsfront Plus”) is, since its founding in 1994, organic part, functional and basic, of the Empire that rules over the nations of southern Africa.

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