Balmoral, South Africa: the repression of ANC’s regime against Boer patriots PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 02 October 2010 17:40

The news below were taken from Uncensored South African News, update of 2 October 2010.

Some ten police-vehicles with heavily-armed officers arrived at high speed at the farm Eenzaamheid near Balmoral, Witbank on Thursday, 30 september 2010.
Former 32-battallion officer Willem Ratte, 62, was arrested during a reportedly “very rough” police raid.

Among the known arrested people were:
Willem Ratte (62), Eugene Becker (48), Justin Schoeman (18), Günther Kotze (32), Corné de Beer (22), Petrus Visser (20), Marais Bouwer (30), Raymond Senekal (43), Wesley Borman (24), Christopher Meyer (27).


Statements by the arrested men


Willem Ratte said he had gone to the farm on Thursday to drop off building material and inspect the progress of the works.
Suddenly a large number of SAPS vehicles drove in and some ten police officers ran towards the guest house. He went there and saw that Becker was on the ground and Mayer and Borman stood with their hands against the wall with police-officers pointing their guns at them, as were De Beer, Visser and Bouwer. When the men asked why they were ordered to go with the police, they received the response “you will hear later”…  Ratte said “I had nothing with me which could in any way be construed as ‘illegal’. The supposed complaints against us are exaggerated and unfair.”

Justin Schoeman, 48, said in a statement that he was thrown down to the ground, his room was searched and turned upside down, he was then taken to a nearby dam at gunpoint and there was threatened that “if I did not give information they will use violence. When I was brought back to the guest-house the police wanted to sick two dogs on us for no reason at all. I pleaded with them for at least four minutes to leave the dogs.”
Eugene Becker, 48, said in his formal statement that his legally-licensed shotgun was confiscated; and Kotze said that an antique blackpowder handgun was confiscated from his room.
Corné de Beer (22), said when he asked the police what was going on, “they kicked me in my beck and neck and told me “I did not need to know”… I know of nothing illegal which could have taken place at the farm”.
Petrus Visser in a statement said it was “unfair to accuse me of terrorism or illegal weapons-possession.”
Christopher Meyer, 27, said they were being held at the police station under dismal circumstances, “without food or water and without decent toilet facilities”.



Someone slaughtered, someone arrested. This is a cultural, phisical and spiritual, genocide.
All our solidarity to the Boers patriots imprisoned.

Free Boer patriots