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Sunday, 10 October 2010 20:45

Willem Ratte, with his daughter MariaMonday morning, 11th October 2010, in a court in Witbank, a hearing will be held for the eventual release on bail of the Boer patriots arrested at Balmoral.
Friends and compatriots of arrested man, will try to be present in courtroom to give solidarity to the prisoners.
A fund-raising has been started to cover, at least in part, the legal costs for these patriots hit by regime.

Commandant Willem Ratte (62 y.o.) - decorated war hero - has rejected all accusations and has began hunger strike. In recent days he seem deadened and may not be in court tomorrow.

Boer nationalists were arrested for “protection of the constitutional democracy against acts of terrorism” and “possession of arms and ammunition”. Granted that there isn’t democracy in a regime that imprisons nations, and that the struggle for liberate the nation from (white or black) foreign oppression can’t be condemned, all charges are clearly unfounded. Weapons (some shotgun, some old guns, a crossbow, swords, axes) were held legally, and the “ammunition” (5,000 rounds) were mostly pellets.

The police during the operation have recovered, near the farm, even a bag of marijuana.
After what has been done against Eugene Terre’Blanche, this not surprising at all. Vilification, repression, imprisonment and death, are the weapons of the enemy.

Some friends of the Boers arrested at Balmoral, assume that tomorrow could be released on bail the five younger.

Freedom for all Boer patriots!

Free Boer patriots