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Wednesday, 13 October 2010 11:56

They have a face! Free Boer patriots!

Who doesn’t know the face of Nelson Mandela? He fought for to establish a communist regime in southern Africa, which chaining together all nations that inhabit it. Well, everyone saw his face, and everyone can recognize him.
But who remembers the face of Boer prisoners? They fought for the freedom of their people. Yet only few are able to recognize them. The communist-capitalist media don’t show them, don’t publicize them. The centers of supranational power don’t support real freedom fighters, but only those who are instrumental to their exploitative policies. Boer nationalists are only shown for to be criminalized, and after being imprisoned are hidden, because they first must be hated, and then must disappear from society and to be erased from memory, as if they never existed.
But we must see them for what they really are: freedom fighters, brothers at the forefront. We must love them and support them, for their affiliation and their courage, and involve ourself so freedom give back to them. The same freedom that must be give back to the Boer nation, imprisoned first by Afrikaner regime, and today by that of ANC.
Nobody has the right to subjugate other nations. Who fighting for freedom of his nation can’t be condemned. will try to post photos of all Boer prisoners imprisoned by the ANC’s regime. At the moment we have only a few, so we invite everyone to cooperate.
Please send us photos that you have, looking for it in the papers, ask for it to friends and relatives.
Those who wish wish, can send us messages of solidarity to the Boer prisoners, it will be published in the relating section.
We invite everyone to collobarate with us for to update the list of Boer prisoners, and for to add data for to write them.

Have deprived the nation of freedom. Have imprisoned its men. We don’t let that steal even our memory.
Don’t forget them, and don’t forget their face.