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Sunday, 17 October 2010 13:35


Free Eugene Becker! Boer prisoner

Updated: 23rd May 2014, Eugene Becker died today. RIP Eugene 31.07.1962 - 23.05.2014.
27 Mei 2014 Begrafnis reeling: Eugene Becker

Eugene Becker (48 y.o.) was arrested Thursday, 30th September 2010 at Eenzaamheid farm, near Balmoral, Witbank. Together with Eugene Becker were arrested other 9 men, including Willem Ratte. 8 men were released on bail the 15th October. Eugene Becker was released on bail the September 8, 2010, but September 9, 2011, was sentenced to 10 months in jail. He left prison June 19, 2012, but he will still be another 4 years under house arrest.

His only crime is to be a patriot.
Don’t forget about him!
This page published a photo of Eugene, to better remind him, and its face.

Have deprived the nation of freedom. Have imprisoned its men. We don’t let that steal even our memory.
Don’t forget them, and don’t forget their face.

Who fighting for freedom of his nation can’t be condemned.
Free all Boer prisoners!
Free Eugene Becker!


This page is dedicated to Eugene Becker. To contribute to this page or to “They have a face! Boer prisoners” campaing, you can write to this website: