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Monday, 18 October 2010 14:03

Support Kmdt. Free Willem Ratte! (hunger strike)

Kmdt. Willem Ratte is on hunger strike since 1st October 2010. He is a war hero, a Boer patriot, imprisoned by a regime who he refuses to bend him. He dismissed all the charges - just ridiculous - and continues to fight, always with the same courage that he showed on the battlefield. Faithful to its principles, not to come to terms with the enemy, and refuses the food of the prison, and demanding the freedom he deserve.
There are still people like this: ready to sacrifice themselves for what they believe. His example is great and tragic. The Kmdt. Ratte is 62 y.o., and every day that passes is increasingly weak.
The Southern African media - loyal to the ANC’s regime - obscure the event, and those international ignore it.
The Boer prisoners don’t make news. Their people is considered expendable, in the arena of international finance. And so, while a genocide devouring the Boer nation in South Africa, the nationalists may be killed (as Terre’Blanche) and persecuted. All this, under a regime which - under the guise of the anti-racism - has chained all the nations of southern Africa in the name of capitalism-communism.
In a deafening silence, they are canceling a great man.
In front of all this, anyone can remain inactive. Help Kmtd. Ratte. Let us help him, everyone, because this isn’t the struggle of a people against another people, but a freedom struggle to break the chains forged in injustice, and for save a life.
Whether you are near Witbank, where he is recluse, or you’re thousands of miles away, please do something.
Pray the Lord. Write a letter of solidarity to Willem Ratte. Promote this page, report this page on social networks, newspapers and televisions. Make flyers, posters and banners. If you are associate to cultural or political associations - of any type and color, inform people. Write to institutions, trying to sensitize people as possible.
Spread the truth.
Ask freedom for Kmdt. Willem Ratte.


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