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Wednesday, 27 October 2010 10:47

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Free Kmdt. Ratte!



For the attention of Dr. Elio Menzione,
Italian Ambassador in South Africa
796, George Avenue, Arcadia 0083

Dear Mr. Ambassador,
yesterday, 26th October 2010, our President, who is visiting China, urged the leaders of that country to continue “the path taken” on human rights. A proper act, because human rights must always be defended, even when abroad.
As Italian I’m addressing to you, Italian Ambassador in South Africa, concerned about the fate of Cmdt. Wilhelm Friedrich Ratte (Willem Ratte), war hero and Boer patriot, jailed in the prison of Witbank, in hunger strike since the 1st October.
The persecution of political opponents can never be justified, much less by smear campaigns.
A few months ago was brutally murdered the Boer leader Eugene Terre’Blanche, and South African mass media tried to justify the murder with inventions of all kinds. The fact cannot and must not be repeated.
I urge you to do everything in your power, in order that human rights of Cmdt. Willem Ratte would be respected, and his life would not trampled on.

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