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Monday, 01 November 2010 13:11

Free Kmdt. Ratte!

Wilhelm Friedrich Ratte, said “Willem”, is currently detained in Witbank, in the prisons of the ANC’s regime (which can be defined “black” – because is racist - or “capitalist-communist”).
Willem Ratte is 62 y.o. Was born the 14th February 1948 in Paarl, in southern Africa. Many know him for his glorious military past, spent on several fronts to combat communism and the imperialist ambitions of international capitalism, so that all the nations of southern Africa could be live free. For his courage and dedication, has distinguished himself in war and in peace. On the battlefield, was awarded with the “Wings on Chest”; in times of peace he never resorted to violence, but he always fought, sacrificing all himself for the good of his nation. Thanks to its exceptional integrity has become a flag of his people, and an its symbol of freedom. And this, equally, caused him the hate of the regime, of that evil power that has subjugated all the peoples of southern Africa.
Willem Ratte is a soldier, in the most noble and chivalrous sense, an idealist and a man of action. He has never sought an audience, but has always felt the need to do his duty, giving his life for what he thought was right. Because Willem Ratte has never served a white or black regime, but his nation and his God.
He fought for so many peoples in the name of Good. He established a foundation and started a humanitarian project to help the Bushmen (the first inhabitants of southern Africa, with yellow-brown skin and Asian features).
We remind Cmdt. Ratte of the 32nd Battalion, when handed over 30 one Rand coins in Parliament to F.W. de Klerk, president of RSA - while betraying the nations of southern Africa, gave it into the ANC’s hands. We remind Willem Ratte at the head of Pretoria Boer Commando, taking peaceful Fort Schanskop and his divulgative action, brave and uncompromising, to Radio Pretoria, first, and to Radio Donkerhoek, then. And we remind his inhuman persecution by the regime: his arrest, his absurd convictions, and his long hunger strike: 57 days in the 1996.
Willem Ratte has shown, in fact, to being a man of principle, ready to die in war as in “peace”, a man who never yield to his enemies, and never recognized to them the legitimacy - which they haven’t - to subdue his people.
Willem Ratte has continued to serve his nation with humility, through the foundation Suiderkruis Africa (“Southern Cross Africa”), a patriotic organization, nationalist, Christian, strongly engaged in social matters. And as always: Willem Ratte went to the front line. No placed himself behind a desk, no huge project, far away and abstract. But something very real, selfless, to be followed in person, day by day, something that may seem small - in size - but immense in its humanity and its truth.
The Suiderkruis Afrika, at Balmoral (a very small village near Witbank), built and operates the Museum of the Boer Genocide, a gym, and the center of Barmoral Cadets. A great example, cultural, nationalist and religious, pure like a flag. And this is a flag for the Boer people.
The arrest of Willem Ratte, the 30th September 2010, and the smear campaign that has accompanied it, full of innuendo of any kind, just link to tarnish this flag. This action, petty and persecutory, is an attempt on the life of a great man, but also another wound inflicted on the Boer nation, by an evil empire, false, vulgar, petty and cruel.
While the Cmdt. Ratte, in hunger strike since the 1st October 2010, is prisoner of the capitalist-communist empire that reigns over the nations of southern Africa, we will tell you what he really is, illustrating the wonderful initiatives in which it was committed.
Free Cmdt. Ratte!

[Updated: Cmdt. Ratte released on bail the 1st November 2010]

[Updated: The Empire of southern Africa withdrew the charges against Cmdt. Ratte, September 2011]