Survival camp weekend course. Pietermaritzburg 05-07/11/2010. (Azri’EL) PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 November 2010 21:37


Come and camp with us.
Make use of this weekend to test your camping equipment and exchange ideas and meet some new friends.
Survival course will be held on the 5-7 November 2010 at the Merrivale shooting range near Pietermartzburg, Natalia.
It is vital that you to attend this course, I am aware that time, money is a problem and that we all are tiered and busy.
But this course is for the whole family from the age of 14 and older.
There is no cost involved, you bring your own camping equipment and food for the weekend. The course is for free.
You may bring your own licensed firearm to the course but you must bring your licence aswell, no licence then you will be asked to leave the camping site and you are off the course.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE: this is not a regular camping site, but water, showers, toilets and electricity is available, no hot water.
The following will be presented on the course:
Firearm law, firearm handling, some shooting, first aid, fire fighting, anti hijack, home safety and self-defence.
If you are interested and need more info on the course or the Azri’EL Group you can contact me on

Thank you.