Southern Africa: a black army for Azania PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 November 2010 12:11

The new South African National Defence Force (SANDF) - The Army of Azania

Article “White soldiers leaving army” of  4th November 2010, from

[…] White men are leaving the army in their droves, according to figures presented in Parliament.
Business Day reported on Thursday that General Andries de Wit told Parliament’s defence committee that since the introduction of an exit mechanism five years ago, 3 718 SA National Defence Force members had used it to leave the army.
Of those, 67% were white males and about half of them were in senior ranks, between warrant officers and colonels.
Some 2 496 white, 856 black, 306 coloured and 70 Indian soldiers have left the army in the past five years.


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The division in “white”, “blacks”, “colored” and “Indians”, is extremely rough, but it can be useful to understand - in general - a phenomenon.
In southern Africa, where “blacks” now are approximately 79.4% and “whites” are reduced to about 9.2%, the data above assume a very clear meaning: “whites” have left the army of the single regime of southern Africa controlled by the ANC (regime also known as “Azania”), at a rate 20 times higher than all others.