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Tuesday, 09 November 2010 21:35


Free Clifton Barnard (Cliffie)! Boer prisoner

Nicolaas Clifton Barnard (“Cliffie”) is a patriot and a freedom fighter. He is a prisoner of war, jailed by the capitalist-communist regime of southern Africa. He is in prison since 1997.
Cliffie (prison number: 97433103) is locked up in Port Elizabeth prison.

2003: Nicolaas Clifton Barnard (“Cliffie”) - Boer POWs - tortured.

17th September 2010: the Department of Justice released a list of 149 persons currently incarcerated, they could receive the pardon of the President of the regime in southern Africa. Cliffie is in that list (he is the number 3).

26th July 2011: Help the wife of “Cliffie” (Boer prisoner of war)

2, 3, 4 September 2011: Camelot 2011, fundraising for the wife of “Cliffie”

09th October 2011: Balmoral. Free Cliffie! Free all Boers!! - “Volkstaat” banner

16th December 2011: Balmoral: banner Free Cliffie! Free all Boers!!

24th October 2012: Donation for the wife of “Cliffie”

This page published some new and some old photos of Cliffie, to better remind him, and its face.

Have deprived the nation of freedom. Have imprisoned its men. We don’t let that steal even our memory.
Don’t forget them, and don’t forget their face.

Who fighting for freedom of his nation can’t be condemned.
Free all Boer prisoners!
Free Clifton Barnard! Free Cliffie!


This page is dedicated to Clifton Barnard (“Cliffie”). To contribute to this page or to “They have a face! Boer prisoners” campaign, you can write to this website: