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Wednesday, 10 November 2010 12:34

The Balmoral Cadets

The Balmoral Cadets Centre is a patriotic and Christian organization that, thanks to the work of Suiderkruis Africa (“Southern Cross Africa”) and the BEV (Boere Erfenis Vereniging, the Boer Heritage Association of Balmoral), helps under privileged guys to grow, teaching discipline, a trade, and instill values, to make them real Boers.

From Suiderkruis Afrika website (“Southern Cross Africa” - of Willem Ratte)


The Balmoral Cadets Center

The Balmoral Cadets

Mission Statement:
a) To provide a safe secure home for Boers;
b) To provide skills and practical experience for young Boers;
c) To make young Boers stronger, to face the harsh reality’s in the world at large;
d) To promote discipline and strict obedience to Law and Order, standards, internal rules and regulations, safety rules and regulations and to promote and improve the applicable regulations;
e) To work with and support similar organizations with the same goals;
f) This is a non-profit organization, and profit is not a target or goal.

The BC Centre is a private initiative to boys and young men the opportunity to work through their own self-discipline to become full and respected members of our people, and prepare themselves in a good trade and get skill qualifications. The exchange system gives them their own power to learn and move on their own feet , and so far about seventy students have been taught . Candidates, called cadets, earning a scholarship by working at least six months at the Centre. The work ranges from construction, maintenance, repairs to farm work. There is no salary, but accommodation and food are provided. Students are taught self-discipline, and cleanliness. Like with any project of this nature, there are problems, setbacks, losses and disappointments. On the other hand, there are good job and very 'rough' children helped on their walk of life.
Boys and young men, who have not had the most privileged youth...

Most boys finished and are now elsewhere in the profession as artisans etc.. A small core group that stayed behind are building a guest house that the Centre will be operational, and financial independence cause. With this in mind we want to bring in new cadets, despite the fact that the financial burden of the center is going to be too big for us and our friends. Thanks to those who helped. Pray for us. We need it.

Willem Ratte, BC Center, PO Box 30, Balmoral 1037, Tel 08243181877 e-mail:

14th August, 2009.

The Balmoral Cadets