South Africa. ANCYL: Paul Kruger statue has to go PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 November 2010 23:08


Paul Kruger, statue in Church Square, Pretoria

In the south African capitalist-communist empire, which chains together different nations, there is no place for symbols of freedom. And so: the Youth League of the party-regime, the ANCYL, has called for the removal of the statue of Paul Kruger on Church Square in Pretoria. Paul Kruger was president of the Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek (literally: “South African Republic”, the Boer republic in the Transvaal region), and is a symbol of independence of the Boer nation.
The ANCYL has asked to replace the statue of Paul Kruger with that of Chris Hani, the communist guerrilla who fought and killed for the establishment of the single regime.
The ANCYL complained that Paul Kruger and the other generals Boers “represent the heritage of apartheid and pose a threat to our community and our future.” Their community certainly isn’t Boer, and their spirit is typically colonialist: that of invaders that impose their own rules to the conquered countries, and distort the historical truth. “Apartheid”?! Paul Kruger and the Boer generals fought for the freedom of their nation against British imperialism and the interests of a small group of international financiers, mostly Jews.