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Thursday, 11 November 2010 12:34

Volksmoord Museum - Boer genocide museum. Balmoral (Witbank), South Africa

The Volksmoord Museum (Boer genocide museum) stands at Balmoral - near Witbank, 75 km from Pretoria - thanks to the work of Suiderkruis Africa (“Southern Cross Africa” of Willem Ratte) and the BEV (Boere Erfenis Vereniging, the Boer Heritage Association of Balmoral).
The Museum tells about the genocide - physical and spiritual - of a people, exterminate - then as now - by imperialism.

This little tour, it begins with some simple words, wrote on a picture at the entrance of the Volksmoord Museum:


Attention please


Volksmoord Museum - Boer genocide museum. Balmoral (Witbank), South AfricaThis museum depicts the brutality and arrogance of these, who were and are killing off and driving of this our indigenous white nation of Africa, the Boers. Who are of mainly Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, and British stock (look at the names in the cemetery).
Although we were the victims of hate by imperialist whites and are now the victims of empowered blacks, we do not hate our oppressors. We do not want you hate, either. We just want you to cry out against this racist horror, this hidden genocide, and the shameful injustice of it all.
And we would like, you to think about this our small, abused and maligned nation, remembering the thousands victims then and now. Whose blood flowed into Africa’s hard soil. And whose blood is again being spilt in this new dark age, every day.