"Boer Viking" attacks monuments - BWB, Nov 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 12 November 2010 21:54

Flag of Boere Weerstandsbeweging (BWB)

The following press release was released on 09 November 2010 by BWB head office.

The following news papers \ sites where requested to publish the press release:
1. Die Burger
2. Die Beeld
4. Radio Pretoria
5. Die Volksblad
6. Censorbugbear Reports

We hope that they will publish the press release. It is difficult to get something published that is in the interest of the Boer people.


REGARDING: Boer Viking Attacks Monuments


We are aware of the judgement held over Mr. Gunther Jurgens Kotze for the vandalism of the monument at Balmoral – Boer Concentration Camp. We share in Mr. Kotze’s frustration that everything that once belonged to the Boer nation has been given away by the Afrikaner to the ANC government. Our land, our culture and our history. All that we have left is our faith in God and the belief that He will free us from our shackles. It is only a matter of time until the freedom of our religion is also taken from us.

How can we judge a Boer for feeling like this after being demoralized in a land bought with blood? The people of our nation have been murdered, poisoned and humiliated by the Afrikaner traitors. Our history has been tainted by their twisted lies. Our children have been brought up to fit in with them. Boer monuments are becoming Afrikaner monuments. What more can they take from us? Religious leaders become charlatans that are put there to put the people at ease and advocate peace while so many of our people are slaughtered each day! Traitors, your punishment will be severe because you have the blood of a nation on your hands!!!

The wheel is turning… Or nation will revolt! Gunther alone knows what the meaning behind this vandalism was and if he was pure of heart in doing what he did. We are tired of all the Afrikaner names on our Boer Monuments. We are tired of Winnie Mandela’s image gloating in a Boer museum. The time will come that the word Afrikaner will be erased because the Afrikaner traitors and murderers are not a part of the Boer nation. As hard as the Afrikaner tried to forget the word Boer, we won’t allow them to. God won’t allow them! Like the BWB said: “We must never forget!!!”

Praise the Lord!