Honymoon in South Africa: killed Anni Dewani (Bristol, UK) – 13 Nov 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 November 2010 12:15

Shrien Dewani and his wife AnnieSaturday night, 13th November 2010, the couple was hijacked and while the husband was later dropped off unharmed, his wife’s body was found in the car a few hours later.

From a friend in southern Africa: The British couple who were attacked in Gugulethu were the millionaire businessman Shrien Dewani, 30, and wife Anni, 28, from Bristol [UK, Ed.] - on honeymoon in South Africa. They’d had supper in Somerset West on Saturday night and due to the massive disinformation in the UK news media claiming that such places were “safe”, decided to “experience the nightlife in Gugulethu” - at Mzoli’s restaurant, which received a lot of positive publicity from UK chefs including Jamie Oliver as well as travel writers. This deliberate censorship of the real facts by the UK news media has caused the death of the wife and the trauma suffered by the husband. Good going, UK news media!!!!! They are killing white skins in South Africa by the thousands and they don’t care if you are royalty or a bum, if your skin is light you are a target. Our condolences to the family's of those poor people, I just hope that the world now see what is happening over here.