13th Nov 2010. Cmdt. Ratte: to be Boers, to be free PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 November 2010 11:23

13th November 2010. Thus Cmdt Ratte:

Cmdt. Willem Ratte“I don’t know if it is true that the image of Boere [Afrikaans, in English: Boers. Ed.] with capital B, is really that of people that tow blacks behind their pickups. In the newspapers, especially the Beeld, I cannot remember in the last few years, making it a point to the existence of Boers, as a separate nation or ethnicity, easy to deny. At most they write of “boere” [Afrikaans, in English: farmers. Ed] with first lowercase letter, or a guy with a farm. Look, you will struggle, for example in the Beeld to find any reference to “Boere” capital, to get.

There are a lot of reasons. The Boers, as an ethnic group, was recognized officially as a nation in 1902, in the  Peace of Vereeniging, by the biggest world power at that time. What, according to the treaty one day have an official standing treaty with England should include the provisional arrangements of Vereeniging must be replaced (something which was never done). And if we go back there, to that document, we have an awful strong case for our freedom to claim. It meets every requirement that international law requires the existence of a nation and the concomitant right of every people to be independent and its own business rules. In other words, out of this mess Azania coming out [the term “Azania” is used instead of “South Africa” to identify the single regime that denies freedom to all nations of southern Africa. Ed]. In principle. Then attack the Broeders [members of the Afrikaner Broederbond. Ed.] and Jingoes house of cards of the rainbow nation of course apart.

Add to this the fact that in many countries of the world such as Russia and Ireland, the Boers still in memory remained as a proud, heroic little nation to whom evil is done by the big bully England. There should actually among our people that this fact has many more support for the idea of “Boer” on our banner to write, and thus the struggle for freedom and self-determination to be bold. The fact that it is not so, is due to the huge propaganda that held the true meaning and potential of the concept of “Boer” to our people, mainly by the policy, consistently applied by the [Afrikaner, Ed.] Broederbond, to simply deny that there is such thing as “Boers” still exists today.

But I’ve got news for them. There are still Boers who feel like Boers, and are proud. Who will certainly not tow blacks behind their pickups... Don’t confuse brandy and coke brigade with real Boers. And remember the AWB stands for, guess what, AFRIKANER Resistance Movement.”