South Africa, FF+: regime, bread and genocide PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 28 November 2010 19:25

Regime sudafricano. Zuma e Mulder

In relation to the news “FF+, distributing food to the poor Afrikaners (Pretoria, 27th Nov. 2010)”, we report a comment of Censorbugbear Reports on Facebook:

What saddens me deeply is that while the Freedom Front Plus advocates “Afrikaner ethnicity” by insisting on their little Christian enclave of Orania must get autonomy, they don’t mind if these poor Afrikaners get moved to black townships in the ANC regime’s deliberate ethnic-cleansing campaign - moving Afrikaners to the black township also means that the children will not be educated in their home-language. When this was done to black aboriginal children in Australia by the authorities there, the international community was up in arms and referred to it as the cultural genocide of the aboriginals. When it’s done to Afrikaners, it’s just “part of the rainbow nation”. The lies which are being told...