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Monday, 29 November 2010 13:08

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Zelda Keulder, partner of George VisserGeorge Visser, 47 y.o., was shot in the neck through the windscreen when he stopped in front of his house on Saturday night (20 November 2010), in Donkerhoek, Pretoria. He had gone to fetch Zane Visser - his son, 6 y.o. - from a birthday party.
When Visser was hit, he grabbed little Zane and threw him in the back of the vehicle, a Land Rover, where he hid away.
Zelda Keulder – the partner of George Visser -  was busy working at about 21:00 when she heard five shots. She went to the front door to have a look but a man holding a firearm was already standing there. The man took Keulder to the bedroom and threw her to the ground. Another two attackers then brought Visser into the room.
Visser and Keulder were each hit over the head with the firearms three times. Then, the attackers  had fetched little Zane from the Land Rover.
While the attackers were raiding the house, a car’s lights frightened them off. It was Visser’s mother, Leona, who came looking for a painkiller. She lives only a few kilometres away.
The attackers fled with a laptop and cellphones.
This is been the fourth attack in the Boschkop police district east of Pretoria in less than a month.
George Visser is been operated Sunday afternoon, little Zane had to receive trauma counselling.
Questo è stato il questo attacco nel distretto di polizia di Boschkop, ad est di Pretoria, in meno di un mese.
George Visser è stato operato domenica pomeriggio, il piccolo Zane dovrà ricevere assistenza per il trauma che ha subito.