South Africa. Whites under attack: Del Fabbro family (18th Nov. 2010) PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 November 2010 16:05

News from Beeld and South African Uncensored News

South Africa, whites under attackThe 18th November – but only became known several days later – Del Fabbro family is been attacked at a Mooiplaats smallholding, east of Pretoria.
Armed attackers had fired at the sleeping family from outside their homestead and the parents were injured. When the first bullet hit dad Marco, 35 y.o., he grabbed the toddler girl, Antonella two-year-old,  from the bed and hid her in the hallway, telling her to stay put. He then returned to the bedroom while the shots were still being fired to help his wife Monya, 37 y.o. As he pulled her off the bed she was shot in a foot while he was shot another three times.
Their twelve-year-old daughter Anya woke up from the shots in her bedroom. Four armed black men then climbed through the couple’s shattered bedroom window and ordered Del Fabbro at gunpoint to stand up and lie on the bed to be “tied up”. He said he couldn’t walk because bullets were fired into his legs and thigh. Another black man then walked into Anya’s room where the two girls were cowering, pointed a gun at their mother and ordered her back to the main bedroom. The two girls were left behind weeping and terrified, alone in the room while the gang plundered the main bedroom and fled.
Del Fabbro told Beeld that they had just fallen asleep when they heard sounds at the window and the shooting started - just like that, from the outside.
Eight spent bullet-cartridges were later found outside the bedroom window.
“I would not wish this on my worst enemy,” said Del Fabbro.