South Africa. Günther Kotze re-arrested, 30 Nov. 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 December 2010 13:48

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Günther KotzeYesterday, 30 november 2010, the Boer patriot Günther Kotze, 32 y.o., is been arrested right after a brief appearance at the Witbank magistrate’s court.
Günther Kotze was out on bail, he was been arrested the 30th September 2010, at Eenzaamheid farm, near Balmoral, Witbank, with Cmdt. Willem Ratte and other 8 men. Kotze was been in prison until the 15th October.
Günther Kotze was re-arrested for to have damage an obelisk at the Cemetery of the Concentration camp at Balmoral. Kotze had justified his action saying that the obelisk is a anti-Christian symbol.

The ANC-regime denies freedom to all nations of southern Africa. The Communist-capitalist empire of southern Africa are to eliminating the Boer nation from the face of the earth, through a spiritual, cultural and physical genocide. And yet: he arrested a Boer guy, guilty of having damaged an obelisk for religious reasons, right or wrong they are. This is a sickening hypocrisy.

Free all Boer prisoners!
Free Günther Kotze!