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Thursday, 09 December 2010 13:15


Free Janusz Waluś! Boer prisoner

Janusz Waluś was born in the 1953 in Zakopane, Poland. Anti-communist Polish, he emigrated in South Africa. On 10th April 1993 he shot dead Chris Hani.
Chris Hani wasn’t a pacifist and wasn’t a freedom fighter. He was the leader of the South African Communist Party (SACP) and chief of staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC). Chris Hani was a Communist who wanted to imprison all nations of southern Africa under a single regime. And for this he fought and killed. Until Janusz Waluś killed him.
Janusz Waluś was a member of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB), at that time the main Boer independence movement, and his armed action was one of the hundreds relating to the Boer Armed Struggle for Independence 1990-1994. Janusz Waluś is therefore a prisoner of war, who has been imprisoned for to have served the Boer volk during its last Rebellion.

The murder of Hani was aimed to stopping the process undertaken by the southern African and internationals elites, to deliver power to ANC all over the entire region, for to create a capitalist-communist empire.
Janusz Waluś and Clive Derby-Lewis (member of the Konserwatiewe Party - KP, the man that had supplied the gun), were sentenced to death for the murder, but later commuted to life imprisonment following the abolition of the death penalty in South Africa in 1995. Upon hearing of his sentence, Waluś had this to say of the African National Congress:
“They (the ANC) are communist and they will destroy this wonderful country. They will squander all that was built here by Whites with such difficulty. It pains me that everything here will be destroyed in the name of a multiracial utopia that will never work here. They want freedom and democracy. In a few years freedom and democracy will be all they will have.”

Don’t forget about him!
This page published some photos of Janusz, to better remind him, and its face.

13th December 2011: Poland, banner for Janusz Waluś

2010: Stay strong brother, music for Janusz Waluś

2012: Trzymaj sie Bracie / Stay Strong Brother, video for Janusz Waluś

2013: Stencil: Free J Waluś - (Poland)

Have deprived the nation of freedom. Have imprisoned its men. We don’t let that steal even our memory.
Don’t forget them, and don’t forget their face.

Who fight for freedom of his nation can’t be condemned.
Free all Boer prisoners!
Free Janusz Waluś!

Postal address of Janusz Waluś in prison:
Private Bag X45

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