South Africa. Boers under attack: Willie van der Walt (19th Jan. 2011) PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 January 2011 12:34

Boers under attack. Brits, South AfricaNews from Madibeng Pulse (article by Cynthia Dreyer) and Censorbugbear Reports

The 19th January 2011, at 5 a.m., five black man have attacked the farm De Kroon of Mr. Willie van der Walt (56 y.o.), near Brits in the Transvaal (Azania, the capitalist-communist empire in southern Africa, changed the name of that area in “North West province”. An other kind of genocide…).
Mr. Willie van der Walt was injured during the attack by machetes. His wife Rina (54 y.o.), in the bedroom, managed to press the security-button of their private security-response company. When the security personnel arrived, the attackers opened fire on them. At the end four of the five attackers managed to escape but one is been arrested.
Mr. Van der Walt is currently in a Brits clinic, in serious but stable condition.