South Africa. Boer genocide: killed Kobus de Vries (20th Jan. 2011) PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 January 2011 13:38

South African Police Service (Azania's Police)News from Volksblad,, and Censorbugbear Reports

Kobus de Vries (54 y.o.), Boer farmer in Babanango, Natal, was shot and killed in his farmhouse Thursday (20th January 2011), after he had been involved in a four-and-a-half-hour-long siege with a police force which had surrounded his farm.
Azania’s Police (the police of the capitalist-communist empire of southern Africa) claim he committed suicide. De Vries family has appointed two private detectives and a pathologist to establish the real truth.
A police spokesperson said police arrived at De Vries’s farmhouse to follow up on reports that he had been involved in several altercations and minor accidents, allegedly with Eskom workers, on his way home from town. De Vries family said Mr. Kobus was unhappy over constant power black-outs on his farm.
Phillip van Vuuren (83 y.o.), uncle of De Vries, saying that Kobus was shot by a police bullet in the back while attempting to run back into his house.
“A worker was asked to convince him to come out with the promise that the police would not shoot if he surrendered,” explained Van Vuuren.
“When the farm worker walked out with him [De Vries] the police apparently started firing.”