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Wednesday, 26 January 2011 13:03

A monument for farmers killed in South Africa was built in Bothaville, in the Orange Free State (Azania, the capitalist-communist empire in southern Africa, has changed the name of that region in “Free State”. Another type of genocide ...).
The monument is 14 meters high on a 30 x 30 m plot of land. In addition to the main structure there are nine stone structures, which lists the names of the farmers who have been murdered, and a statue. The idea and effort to bring this structure into reality was through the Farmers Association of Hennenman.
The monument speaks generically of “commercial farmers”. But the commercial farmers in South Africa are not just a category of people at work, generally: they are a slice of the Boer nation. Exactly for this reason their extermination is not “crime”, but genocide.

Description of the monument
The nine stone structures represent the nine provinces [of Azania] on which the name of the commercial farmers who have been murdered since 31 May 1961 are inscribed.
The use of dolorite symbolises the connection of the farmers with the harsh reality of nature to which the farmers is exposed every day.
The three pillars represent a family (husband, wife & child).
The horizontal links show a firm family tie and mutual support during both good and bad time.
The posture of the statue symbolises that agriculture in spite of hardship and sorrow, will always face the future positively.
The Bible and the raised arm asking for strength, signifies the farmer’s dependence on the mercy of God in times of sorrow as well as in the daily existence.