South Africa. White genocide: killed Georgie Jacklin (4th Feb. 2011) PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 February 2011 13:50

Georgie Jacklin with her granddaughter MilaNews from Beeld and Censorbugbear Reports

Mrs Georgie Jacklin (65 y.o.), guesthouse owner of Linden, Johannesburg, killed on 4th February 2011. She was a part-time teacher for children with special educational needs.
Blood was found in the driveway in front of her front door. Missing are her car, an eight-year-old red Ford Fiesta, her handbag, cellphone and laptop computer.
Georgie Jacklin’s body was found Saturday 12 February, in an open field in Sasolburg in the Orange Free State (Azania, the capitalist-communist empire in southern Africa, has changed the name of that region in “Free State”. Another type of genocide...), about 100km away from her house.
Her pajamas were soaked with blood. Jacklin had three wounds to his head, an eye wound, nose and teeth broken. Plastic cable was tied around her mouth.
Georgie Jacklin had two daughters, Vanessa and Natalie, and three grandchildren, Richard (20), Elizabeth (2) and Mila (seven months).