South Africa. Whites under attack: Lewis family (3rd Feb. 2011) PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 11 February 2011 21:59

News from Zululand Observer

Keith Lewis Jnr

Thursday night, 3rd February 2011, in Mtubatuba (a small town north of Richards Bay [Natal]) Keith Lewis’ family was brutally attacked. Just after 20:30, minutes after Keith Lewis left his house, two attackers entered the house and attacked Vivien Tillett, his 90 year-old mother, and Keith Jnr, his son. A shot was fired, which grazed Keith Jnr’s face and then the blows started to rain down on him while the young man was trying to defend himself. One of the attackers hissed at Keith Jnr that they were going to rape his grandmother and then kill her.
He tried to escape, hoping the two men would follow him and leave his grandmother alone. He ran outside up the dirt road towards town and waved down a police vehicle. Horror awaited father and son as they got home. Lewis Snr’s elderly mother had been dragged from her bed into the backyard. Beaten over the head, ribs broken and arm sprained, Vivien Tillett was lying helplessly in a puddle of blood in the dark, waiting for her family to return.
Attacking the family wasn’t enough - the attackers went as far as beating a very old but friendly dog, leaving a big gash in her head.

Vivien Tillett

Dog of Keith Lewis Snr.