South Africa: U2 support “Shoot the Boer” song PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 February 2011 22:02

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Nelson Mandela with Bono Vox

The U2, Irish rock band, have always been supporters of the capitalist-communist empire that has subjected all nations (that white and those blacks) of southern Africa. They promoted its birth, in the name of to fight alleged racial hate. And today, instead of being angry about a genocide (the Boer genocide, which is not presumed but very real), what do they do? Bono Vox (real name: Paul David Hewson), the leader of U2, on these days in South Africa for a couple of concerts, has expressed support for the song “Shoot the Boer”. A song of struggle, only for those who believe that “liberation” is the extermination of another nation.
U2 sang for Mandela release, they sang for the empire, and today, consistently: defended a song that promotes the extermination of the Boers.