1990. Terre’Blanche: “our nation, the Boer nation” PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 March 2011 01:35

1991, Pretoria. Eugene Terre'Blanche carry the Vierkleur

From “AWB, South Africa’s neo-Nazis” (1990).

[Eugene Terre’Blanche:] “The AWB, the resistance movement, is not born out of hate for the other nations or people. The movement is born out of love for our country and our nation, the Boer nation. The Boer people are those who left the Cape, which was a British colony, to find their own freedom and a new land.
What we want, is we want our land back. The land of the Boer. The two republics and the northern part of Natal. We really don’t want the whole of South Africa. We know that South Africa cannot go on (in) the way it is now. The AWB, the resistance movement, is preparing himself to go on with the fight which my forefathers fought against your forefathers, against the British. We know that our government is busy to sell out the whites in South Africa, but we will not fight, or start battle on the basis of racism. We will fight it according to international law. We have a rightful claim on certain parts of South Africa, that is the old Boer republics, and I want my land back.”

AWB. Boerevolk - Endraag Maak Mag