South Africa. White assimilation and genocide: how fast? PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 March 2011 16:01

Assimilation is genocide

These days continue the legal battle between a few thousand poor Afrikaans-speaking whites, living in their cabins in Wes Moot, a white area in Pretoria, and the ANC-run city council. The ANC, after have been impoverished them by racist laws, would break up and remove them and transfer them in black townships, to destroy their identity and culture at a faster rate.
Similar operations of deportation of poor whites in black townships, could be launched in other cities.
The multinational regimes, morover, often adopt these policies of forced assimilation aimed at disrupting the homogeneous groups. An example is the United States, where already in the early 1970s, a part of white students was transported in the schools of black districts, and vice versa (an operation known as “busing”, from “bus”).
The Vryhedisfront Plus (VF+, Freedom Front Plus, FF+) - a political party of whites who sits in the parliament of the Empire since its foundation, and whose leader is a deputy minister of the Empire – sided against the deportation of whites in the black townships. The VF+ attempts to gain support among the Afrikaans-speaking whites, slowing down the assimilation / genocide, which he favors.

South Africa is a large capitalist-communist empire, multiracial, multinational and multicultural, aimed to destroying the identity of all nations and all people who live there.
Within this empire, individual nations are forced on the road of biological, cultural and spiritual genocide. This is true also, and especially, for whites of southern Africa, who are a minority in the Empire also in racial terms.
But the road of their genocide (cultural and spiritual) was taken long time ago, when the Empire of the RSA invented an artificial nationalism, founded on the simple color of skin, to destroy the only white African nationalism: the Boer nationalism. Since then, many Afrikaans-speaking whites are uncertain about the boundaries (cultural and spiritual) of the Boer nation; they confuse history, flags, even the name of their nation. The Empire of the RSA, completed its task (expropriation of the Boer nation, destruction of true nationalism and demographic upheaval of the southern Africa), handed over power to the actual Empire, a new step on the road of capitalism-communism.
Helping these poor whites (generally Afrikaans-speaking) is surely a good thing. But who really loves his nation: DON’T SELL IT, for then give it a piece of bread and a cabin. He who loves his nation fight for its identity, its freedom, its independence.
From the VF+ can come, at best, a cabin, and a piece of bread, not a nationalist alternative, because the VF+ has sold the nation, and it isn’t an alternative to the Empire, but is organic part of the Empire. And the name of the road of this Empire is “Assimilation”, you can follow it more or less rapidly, in wealth or poverty, but its end is always the same: the Genocide.