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Saturday, 18 June 2016 07:07




1. The Federation of the Free Boere-Republikeine on Tuesday, June 21, 2016, presented the following memorandum to the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Development. The memo speaks for itself.

2. This is the first step designed to put the government on terms about recognition and Freedom for the Boer volk.

Issued by Piet Rudolph for the Federation of the Boere-Republikeine: 072419 3516.

Department of justice and constitutional development
354, Pretorius Street,

Your Excellency,


1. In terms of Chapter 2 of the Bill of Rights Section 71, read with Chapter 14, Section 235,of our Constitution, I am hereby duly instructed by a resolution of a meeting held by the Federation of Boer Republicans held on 8 & 9 May 2016, to approach you in the above matter.
2. Despite the provisions in our Constitution, no recognition of the Boer people is acknowledged as an indigenous people of South Africa. Despite the fact that we have had two independent Boer Republics which were conquered by the British Empire in 1902, in which more than 35 000 Boer women an children perished in British Concentration Camps.
3. Subsequently we were made part of the Union of South Africa, the Republic of South Africa in 1961 and the New Republic of South Africa in 1994.
4. Since 1910 up to 1994 we as a nation was wrongly considered to be part and parcel of Afrikaners.
5. It is our sincere wish to have our republics as it was before May 31st 1902 , and subject to reasonable deliberations in the light of the expiry of 114 years to be reinstated, as we wish to rule ourselves in accordance with ou own customs.
6. Therefore it is our intention, to bring pressure to bear, both nationally and internationally for the recognition of us as a people and being entitled to freedom.
7. Futhermore, that Identification and travel documents issued by your government to us to please reflect the fact that we are South African Boers.
8. It is our earnest desire to be afforded the same ear as that afforded to the Khoi-San people in their quest for freedom, so clearly defined in Chapter 2 Bill of rights section 7 (1) which reads: 7. (1) This Bill of Rights is a cornerstone of democracy in South Africa. It enshrines the rights of all people in our country and affirms the democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom. (2) The state must respect, protect, promote and fulfil the rights in the Bill of Rights.


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Sunday, 30 April 2017 07:07


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Thursday, 15 November 2012 15:19

Western Cape, South Africa, November 2012 - Black violent campaign against whites

The western Cape is on fire.
The scenes are the same as the 70s, when the South African Empire was ruled by white regime. But since 1994, the political power is run by African National Congress (ANC).
The black workers' claims are exploited by Communists of COSATU (largest trade union federation allied with the ANC and the South African Communist Party) and ANC to consolidate their own power by promoting anti-white racism, so white man will be the cause of all the problems of the blacks. The same tactic used by Mugabe in Zimbabwe to stay in power, a tactic that has meaning for many whites: death, or bankruptcy and exile.
The Western Cape is now experiencing a situation like Zimbabwe. What is happening, in fact, is nothing more than a black violent campaign against whites, fueled by forces of the government. A racist and illegitimate government.
Various whites' farms in the Cape region were burned, and some shops looted. Several whites were assaulted and intimidated. Reports that a white farmer had been dragged from his vehicle and murdered.
The current campaign against whites in the western Cape is an escalation of the White Genocide in southern Africa.

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Friday, 30 May 2014 07:07


Bittereinder monument - Bloemfontein

In the history of southern Africa 31 May is a date that recurs many times, and it isn't a coincidence.

On 31 May 1902 the Boers surrendered to international capitalism which, through British military force, had defeated them, wiping out about the 50% of the Boer child population.
On May 31, 1902, the Boers signed the Treaty of Vereeniging, which ended the Boer Republics and deprive them of freedom.

The south African Empire, established in 1902 with the conquest of the Boer Republics, began to promotes a new false “nationalism” primarily based on skin color (not even on the race!), for to contrast the true Boer nationalism, which demanded the lost freedom. This new “nationalism” was aimed to tie together the white peoples of the Empire: the Cape Dutch (then know as Cape [white] “Afrikaner”); the Boer; the British.

To promote this false “nationalism”, finalized principally to delete the Boer identity and put down the desire for freedom of that volk, they tried to involved the Boers on the Empire that had conquered them. The Boers were not to see that Empire as an enemy, otherwise they would fight against it, but as something of their own. That was the plan for southern Africa, conceived by international capitalism and summarized by the prime representative of the British Empire in southern Africa, Sir Alfred Milner: “The new tactic (to subjugate the Boers) must be to consolidate the different areas of British South Africa into one nation. Although unification will be initially put the Boers into political control of the entire South Africa, it will, ironically, eventually lead to their final downfall.”

Under this plan, the date of May 31, 1902, was not to be remembered by the Boers as the end of their freedom, but as a simple stage of their national history, which continued into a new state (an empire!). For this the date of May 31 was used by the Empire of southern Africa on several occasions, to give the Boers the idea of a new beginning, a new 31 May that re-established the freedom lost on May 31, 1902. But they were just illusions. The Empire that had conquered the Boer republics was not a Boer state, but its worst enemy.

On May 31, 1910, was established the Union of South Africa, which included the former British colonies and the former Boer republics conquered (then: an empire).

On 31 May, 1928, the Union of South Africa (Empire) adopted the “Oranje-blanje-blou” flag (a collage of different flags) to replace the British flag.

On 31 May, 1961, the empire of the Union of South Africa transform itself in the Republic of South Africa (RSA).

31 May was “Union day” for the Union of South Africa, from 1910 to 1960, and “Republic day” for the Republic of South Africa, from 1961 to 1993.

But the Boers don't celebrate 31 May. On 31 May the Boers remember their lost freedom, in 1902. The same freedom that must be restored.

Boer Genocide: White Afrikaners in Europe. The VF+ at UNPO. Nov. 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 06 December 2012 12:00

UNPO, November 30, 2012. Pieter Mulder (white Afrikaners)On 30 November 2012, in Geneva, Switzerland, came to an end the 11th General Assembly of UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and People Organization).

The UNPO, despite the protests of the Boers, includes among his representatives the “Afrikaners” (with reference to all Afrikaans-speaking whites), that are not a volk, and not the Boers, who instead are.

The fact that white Afrikaners have obtained representation at UNPO misusing the history; the flags; and the martyrs of the Boer volk; isn't only a theft, but an act of Boer Genocide, because to steal a volk of his identity is an act of genocide.

The white Afrikaners are represented at UNPO by Vryheidsfront Plus (VF+ / Freedom Front Plus, FF+), the Afrikaner party that collaborates with the Empire of the “new” RSA, that Empire that VF+ has helped to create.
In 2011 also the Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK), the Electoral Commission of white Afrikaners, was hosted by UNPO.
The “white Afrikaners” representative is illegal, because only the Boer may represent the Boer, in South Africa and at international level, not the “white Afrikaners” nor the “South Africans”.
The Boers have already had their internationally recognized Republics, and in 1995 asked the UN recognition as indigenous people.

The UNPO, during his last meeting, unanimously accepted a motion of VF+, in which he concern about the discrimination in South Africa against minority groups, and recommend the UN to send a mission to South Africa in order to understand the situation with regard to farm murders.

“Discrimination against minorities” and “farm murders” are concepts that serve only to conceal the truth: the White Genocide in southern Africa.
To pass the White Genocide in South Africa for something else will certainly not help to stop it.

The VF+ was represented in Geneva by his leader, Dr. Pieter Mulder.
Dr. Pieter Mulder in 1994 was elected to the parliament of the Empire of the “new” RSA and since 2009 Deputy Agriculture Minister in the imperial government.
That a member of the South African imperial government represent a supposed “volk” prisoner of the same Empire, although serious, is so absurd as to be grotesque.

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