Toks van der Linde and his People's anthem - Piet Rudolph Print
Wednesday, 01 September 2010 17:16

Toks van der Linde

Many of our people feel dishonoured and angry about the Springbok Toks van der Linde singing Nkosi Sikilele when the South African rugby team plays against Australia on Loftus on Saturday.

It is wrong of us Free People to blame this yokel. Is his anthem. He sings it with gusto to show that he is being a good servant and he sings it at the game of servants.

Woe betide the country that has a rugby ball as king.

Once again this show us that there are people among us that look like us. They give off the same odour as us and they speak the same language. However, their hearts and minds work differently. To consider them as part of us is a fatal mistake.

They carry the hara-kiri into our nests to destroy us. We will not live, but with them we shall die.

We must gather our people, but we must also bid farewell to those who do not belong amongst us.

Farewell Toks. Farewell rugby. Farewell servitude. We are Free People!!!


Drawn up and published by Piet Rudolph
on behalf of the Action Committee, Orde Boerevolk

27 August 2010