South Africa. White genocide: killed Alberto Costa (18th Feb. 2011) Print
Sunday, 27 February 2011 14:32

Alberto CostaNews from Rapport, Censorbugbear Reports and La Gazzetta del Sudafrica

Alberto Costa (44 y.o.), farmer of Stellenbosch (43km west of Cape Town), killed by black attackers in his homestead Cloetesdal on February 18, 2011. They had dug a hole underneath the electrified fencing and started firing at him. He shot back, and injuring one of the attackers with his shotgun. He died defending his family.
Alberto Costa’s family originally from Bassano del Grappa (Veneto, northern Italy). From there, his parents and his older brothers Giovanni and Stefano arrived in southern Africa half a century ago. Alberto was born in southern Africa.
Alberto Costa leaves behind his wife, Zelda, a son of 8 y.o. and daughter of 3.