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Friday, 09 November 2012 07:07


The following article was taken from the blog “Republican Trekker Volk”.

Great Trek Was Not From Cape Town.

Great Trek

There are some folks who often erroneously presume that the Great Trek of the 19th cent was from Cape Town [ as noted by the author cited in source # 17 of: The Cape Rebels Were Not Cape Dutch. ] when in fact the Great Trek was virtually entirely from the Cape frontier where the Boer population had developed at least 150 years prior. This confusion likely arises from the fact that the centennial celebration of the Great Trek was organized to start at Cape Town but that did not reflect the true history concerning the matter. One of the main reasons for recreating the Great Trek as starting at Cape Town during the centennial celebrations was no doubt to foster a monolithic Afrikaner identity so as to cover up the distinct Boer identity of the participants of the Great Trek. The Boer people of the frontier were much more prone to trek [ & in fact had a long history of trekking ] due to their long standing anti-colonial outlook & desire for independence & freedom on the African continent. This outlook was not shared by the Cape Town & Cape Dutch population.