White Genocide in southern Africa: Naauwhoek Farm massacre, April 2012 Print
Monday, 09 April 2012 07:07

The new Empire of southern Africa passes the White Genocide as simple criminality. To support this thesis, when the victim is white and the executioner is black the (nationalty and the) race of the people involved are usually kept hidden. With the excuse of don’t want promote “racism” (at least that not politically correct), has become common practice to hide the truth, even a racist Genocide. That’s why the White Genocide is hidden also in the West, and that’s why the West is its accomplice.

Nauuwhoek farm

The White Genocide in southern Africa continues unabated. Below one of the last cases: the Naauwhoek Farm massacre.

Marthella SteenkampDeon Steenkamp (44 y.o), a white farmer, his wife Christelle (43 y.o.) and 14-year-old daughter Marthella were killed on a farm near Griekwastad (in the northern Cape between Kimberley and Upington) on Friday, April 6, 2012. The bodies were found at Naauwhoek Farm at around 18:00. The victims were all shot, and were discovered by the couple's 16-year-old son Don. Don found his sister still alive and that she died in his arms.