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Book: Boerestaat, by Robert van Tonder
First English Edition [1977]



Chapter 1 The colonization of Southern Africa
1.1 Black colonisation
1.2 White colonisation – First phase
1.3 White colonisation – Second phase

Chapter 2 African emancipation

Chapter 3 The 19th century Boere states

Chapter 4 The Republic of Natalia

Chapter 5 The Republics of the Transvaal and the Free State

Chapter 6 British domination of Southern Africa in this century

Chapter 7 The 1914 Rebellion

Chapter 8 The founding of the National Party

Chapter 9 The R.S.A. and its threat to Boere identity

Chapter 10 The Boere and south Africanism

Chapter 11 The Boere state
11.1 Population: policy of exchange
11.2 Majority state
11.3 Viability
11.4 Conclusion

Chapter 12 The Cape and the Coloureds

Chapter 13 Boere and 'Afrikaners'
13.1 The historical sequence of events
13.2 The historical interpretation
13.3 A faulk’s identity
13.4 A referendum for the Boere of the Cape

Chapter 14 What does the future hold?
14.1 It is no longer a racial problem
14.2 Defence
14.3 Faulk development
14.4 The Boere language
14.5 Faulksong and flag
14.6 The flag
14.7 An own base
14.8 The English-speakers