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Monday, 29 December 2014 07:07


Zuid-Afrikaansche RepubliekBOER-REPUBLICANS: FREEDOM MANIFESTOOranje-Vrystaat

With deep awareness of our dependence on our heavenly Father, the Almighty, as the sole authority and determinant of the destiny of peoples, and specifically of the Boerevolk,

1. WE, as a Boer Republicans and members of the Boer nation, DECLARE

1.1 that the Boer Republics of the ZAR (Transvaal which included the republics of Klip River and the New Republic of Vryheid) and the Orange Free State, (hereinafter referred to as our homeland), are states that were recognized internationally under International Law and were forcefully, unlawfully, and illegally annexed by England and taken from us, the Boerevolk, and that, by means of genocide on 35 000 Boer children and women were forced to surrender on 31 May 1902;

1.2 that the Boerevolk and its homeland were subsequently swamped with foreigners by the governments of consecutively Great Britain (1902-1910), the Union of South Africa (1910-1961), the Republic of South Africa (1961-1994), and the present regime;

1.3 that our, the Boerevolk’s, existence as a people, under International Law or otherwise, has never been recognized by any of these four foreign governments when deciding our fate;

1.4 that, in spite of an uprising known as the 1914 Rebellion and a Peace Deputation sent to Versailles in 1919, the Boer nation's demand for freedom was ignored and wiped from the table; and

1.5 that we, the Boerevolk, by the grace of our Heavenly Father, the Almighty, continues to exist, and as an ethnic unit continues to have the right to own our historical homeland and fatherland, and to occupy and cultivate it in peaceful coexistence with other peoples.

2. WE, as Boer Republicans herewith DEMAND

2.1 the recovery of the said Boer republics as the homeland of the Boerevolk, which we, the Boerevolk, have received from the Father's redeeming hand as our fatherland, and in which we, the Boerevolk, reached full maturity; as well as the restoration of said republics’ freedom and sovereignty.

3. WE, the Boerevolk, CALL UP all ethnic Boers and those who consider themselves members, offspring, or descendants of the Boerevolk, to commit to the content of this manifesto and to promote it among our fellow Boers, in order that we, the Boerevolk, shall enable our ideal of sovereignty to live on forever and to regain our freedom.

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I, the undersigned,
consider myself a Boer Republican and a member of the Boerevolk, and I pledge to cooperate to achieve the recovery of the freedom and sovereignty of the said republics.

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