Blowing up churches? by Günther Kotze Print
Thursday, 16 February 2012 15:52

[from an article by Günther Kotze. February 14, 2012. He was arrested Nov. 25, 2011.]

Günther KotzeOk! The tent burning and all that is in the past, they been compensated, hence private charges dropped, all the stuff at the BBF is forgiven and forgotten, my friend Justin puts it best “full out viking raging with vengence” and burned down some “faced f@#$%^s tent.” Which is what happened, we were quite upset that the “farm guards” and the “colonel” would go out to get donations from businesses in Naboom and Potties etc, to “train farm guards”, showing books and pictures of murdered white people, to get money and instead of buying food, or training, just spent the money on getting drunk every night, and repeating the process, I was asked to go to teach them so fitness, and well, yes, but its in the past, and at least I can tell from first hand experience, Right wing groups serve a function, to split the Volk into hostile groups


but these people only care about drinking, and playing “pretend general”. The Bible says do not stray left or right, just follow the Commandments, and as I saw on the first night I arrived, when I took my Bible into camp to read to all the “trainees” who are more “car guard” than farm guard. Sigh. The next morning the “colonel” asked me politely to not bring my Bible to the braai ever again, it makes people uncomfortable, riiiiiiight. So after a while, things will happen, oil and water don't mix. So tents were burned, police were called, which is hilarious, as seeing its Azanian police, the so called “enemy” of the right wing, who they call for help, not hesitating to hand a fellow white person over the Azanian skraeling police. Absolute treachery from “white” people. This is the third time I'm in jail due to white people betraying me. The skraeling have been more than nice, something I cannot say for the Adamites that I dealt with. Now these same people who handed me over to the Azanian police, for burning a cruddy broken tent, also told the police terrible lies, due to their ignorance, I said I am going to blow the churches apart with my concrete indisputable proof that sunday churches are part of Rome, and is actually ancient Baal worship, fact, and that “opblaas” in afrikaans, does not only mean, blow up, it means “to enlarge” so I'm going to use this to the best of my ability. The insane charges of wanting to blow up churches. You dumbasses, “opblaas” as in expose, expound and explain the explosive fact that sunday churches are in fact, precisely the same as ancient Baal worship churches. Not “booom” but explosive information. Andries Janse van Vuuren (Boere Beskermings Forum)Bunch of retards the lot. Cause, its explosive! Seriously, the HOLYdays of Baal worship are Tammuz birthday. And Ishtar one also with the rabbits and eggs, the weekly HOLYday, the day of the sun, also a worship system involving constant monetary offerings for sin, whereas Bible says repent, not pay, also the Asherim is the main symbol of Baal worship, its a phallic pillar, the shaft of Ra, also known as a obelisk, and features prominently on their temples, aaaaaaand, the roman cults says as a main matter, their mark of authority over the Bible is sunday, as not one verse in Scripture says to shift the 7th day Sabbath. The fourth Commandment, to day one, its madness, and Ezekiel 20:12 says Sabbath is the mark to show you serve JaHWeHShua, so o dear, many will have to choose, the Mark of the Beast (sunday worship and Xmas), or the Mark of JaHWeH, Sabbath. And 77 days in jail to get the whole country's attention, so I can Seal the lot of you in one shot. Have a nice day. Read Rev 14.