Nylstroom: Boer family persecuted by South African Police Print
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 09:46

The article below was taken from South African Uncensored News, update of the 15th August 2010.

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Nylstroom, Afrikaner family not guilty of trumped-up charges


Jan and Frances du Preez of Nylstroom

Thirty cops beat up Jan du Preez and his family - egged on by Nylstroom SAPS [South African Police Service. Ed.],  commander Mayila’s order: “…shoot dead anyone who resists…

2010-08-10 - Thirty SAPS members in 15 vehicles descended on the Du Preez farm near Nylstroom, with station commander Mayila shouting: “I order you to shoot dead anyone who resists…” Fortunately, the entire violent incident was recorded on video: the Nylstroom magistrate’s court -  after viewing these horrendous scenes  showing the Afrikaner family beaten up and roughly bundled into the police vans - ruled that the farm family had been framed by the SAPS and that the six Du Preez family members were completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

Article headline: “BLOU BLIKSEMS”, reporter: Inge Liebenberg SONDAG Afrikaans tabloid, date 10 August 2010

Jan and Frances du Preez of Nylstroom have been “treated like dogs” by the SAPS over the past six years, writes Sondag newspaper. The family has suffered through two false arrests and the SAPS Minister was ordered by a court to pay him Rand 500,000 [about 53,500 Euro, ed.] in damages. He is being  terrorised so relentlessly by the local SAPS that the family is planning to vacate their beloved family farm, fearing the very people who are supposed to protect them after the entire family was arrested recently.
Over the past six years the entire six-member family has been illegally arrested twice, beaten up, and terrorised. The Nylstroom family has talked about vacating their beloved family farm – fearing the very people who are supposed to protect them. The first attack by the local SAPS came on the evening of May 8 2004, when he was kidnapped from his farm and taken to Pretoria - and as it was later described by a black judge - “kidnapped by a reckless police force”. To this day, Du Preez does not know why he was arrested because after he was kidnapped, the SAPS had suddenly dropped “their case” against him. On 5 March 2009 he won his case of illegal arrest and the court ordered the SAPS to pay him R 500,000 in damages. An SAPS commander had driven personally from Pretoria to apologise to the Afrikaner farmer.
Scarcely two months later, he [Du Preez. Ed.] suddenly started receiving visits from an arrogant SAPS inspector, Pieter Booyse of the Nylstroom police, who arrived for a so-called “routine-inspection” and demanded the right to arrest all his farm-workers. He claimed they were illegal – before even checking their documents. However each of his workers was able to show legal documentation – so Du Preez chased Booyse and his comrades from his farm. Several days later, he heard that his workers were set upon by the SAPS at Pienaarsrivier and badly beaten up.

On August 10 2010, Sondag newspaper reported that the Nylstroom SAPS had descended with a huge horde and amidst loud cheering on the farm of Jan du Preez and arrested the entire family this time – Jan, wife Frances and four children, Anton, 30, Yolandi, 27, Tanya 23, and Werner, 21. The SAPS had no arrest warrants and beat the bewildered father so badly that he had to be rushed to Pretoria for emergency surgery.

“What evil did this family commit to deserve this?” asked Sondag’s journalist; replying: “Nothing. That was the court’s decision this week after viewing a video-recording showing how the SAPS bullies descended on the Du Preez family, and bashed Yolandi and Frances around. The charge sheet contained 30 charges – all pure thumb-suck, ruled the court. The court also ruled that this family was as harmless as ginger-bread.”
One cannot say the same thing about the SAPS. Amongst others, the court in Nylstroom heard that the SAPS threatened the family with rape, threatened that they would be shot dead, and committed perjury in a court of law just to frame this family for non-existent crimes – lodging 30 thumb-suck charges against them...

* Writes Sondag: “Fortunately, this animal-behaviour by these cops was recorded on a video camera. That’s why the court ruled in favour of the family and discharged them.”

“While the family was being bashed about and attempts were made to load them into police vans, one detective surnamed Nienaber casually strolled up to Jan Du Preez and told him that ‘the easiest way out would be to cooperate with your family and get into the police vans.”  When Du Preez asked him why they were being arrested, Nienaber shrugged: “I don’t know what the story is all about…”
These  facts as recorded on the video – which we are still trying to obtain a copy of –  are different from the SAPS version: it showed Mayila shouting to the large police force on the farm:  “I order you to shot dead anyone who resists…”