South Africa in the hands of the ANC: chaos, corruption, White genocide Print
Thursday, 26 August 2010 07:59

The following text was taken from an article published by South African Uncensored News, update of the 25th August 2010.

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This ANC-madness has to stop


White genocide in southern AfricaThis Madness has to stop, by Mike Smith - 24th of August 2010

“There is no doubt that South Africa under the ANC is going to the dogs. Just this past week we have seen a white 20 year old pregnant woman, Jolene Parkinson, beaten and kicked by four blacks after her car broke down on the N3 highway and although it is a normally busy road, no-one seemed to stop and help her.


Yesterday, 29 year old  white (Afrikaner) security guard, Arrie Nel, […] father of a two month old baby, was shot dead for no apparent reason by a black murderer and robber at a petrol station. (note: He was shot once in the body, and when he lay injured on the ground, unable to defend himself, the black murderer lifted Nel’s head with one hand - and fired a shot through Arrie Nel’s head.)
Hundreds of military assault rifles and other hardware are stolen from military and police arsenals and increasingly being used in farm murders, robberies and assaults on ordinarily law abiding citizens of South Africa… what do these citizens do? They handed in 32,000 weapons to the police who are incapable of protecting them. Only 27% of these weapons were illegal.
How in God’s name can South African people hand over their perfectly legal firearms to a corrupt, incompetent, murderous and rapacious black police force, who are not only plumbing the depths of incompetence, but also attacking the very public they are suppose to protect by raping white women such as 29-year-old  mother of three Martie Olivier.
White old people are especially targeted by black criminals… even robbed in old age homes. Hundreds of Farm Attacks by blacks on whites happen daily, but despite all of this, the ANC says that claims of genocide against whites in SA are ludicrous.
The ANC is paying brown-envelope money to journalists to write favourably on them on the one hand, and on the other hand the want to shut the media down when not towing the line.
The ANC is the most corrupt government South Africa ever had with a President who is above the law and who will not be prosecuted despite having more than 700 charges being brought against him. The ANC’s National police chief Jackie Selebi was recently sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for corruption involving the mafia. (note: he also headed the Interpol international policing agency…)
The ANC’s trade union friends, Cosatu [largest trade union federation allied with the ANC and South African Communist Party, ed] et al, are paralyzing the country with the worst strikes in the history of South Africa.