South Africa, Boer prisoners: Willem Ratte in danger Print
Sunday, 17 October 2010 11:22

Ratte and Kotze in court. The Comandant is considerably thinner and people begin to fear for his health

Witbank (South Africa), 15th October 2010, statement of Commandant Willem Ratte in court:
“I will stay on hunger strike until the government withdrawn the charges or the court dismisses the charges. […]”

Following a comment by Günther Kotze, arrested with Ratte at Balmoral, and released the 15th October on bail: “Kmdt is ultra hardcore. 15 days without food, kidnapped by the state. His defiance great, as he is true, and innocent of all evil allegations by the servants of belial. I have infinite admiration for him, and he is truly pious. We must pray for him while he fasts for his release. I serve kmdt Ratte, he has light according to the Word. Isaiah 8:20. Ne? What a Legend.”

[“Legend” is the nickname of Willem Ratte.
Isaia 8:20: Then say to them, Put your faith in the teaching and the witness.  If they do not say such things. For him there is no dawn.

In the photo above, taken the 15th October in the court, you see Commandant Willem Ratte and Günther Kotze. Willem Ratte is considerably thinner and people begin to fear for his health.